Passing the Baton

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

It’s time for panic stations - hit the button quick!
Musketeers answer please: make it lickety-split.
Time to pass the baton, Dwayne knows not what to do?
So his immediate response, was to contact one of you!

So where are the intrepid Trio, when VN needs their aid?
Either one or D’Artignan, are needed as are their blades.
I had thought the sound of horses, would be heard by now,
but everything remains silent: why, not even a cat’s meow!

With the month underway poets are waiting - pens at the ready,
waiting for that all important challenge, but steady friends - steady.
Firstly we’ve to find a baton holder who will set the scene.
Coming after Dwayne, as competent holder as was ever seen,

they’ll have a tough job, as previous holders will know,
whilst those waiting, grow impatient to have a “go!”
No one ever knows what new regulations might prevail
until the holder accepts the baton, but doubtless they’ll not fail

to get the adrenaline coursing through our veins
as we consider all options and wrack our brains
for some earth shattering, poetic work! One Hardy
might have rattled off in a minute or two. Tardy

folks wait until others have posted their works at large
and then flood gates open and others follow in a barrage
of words, phrases and poetry. Some stick to rules applied,
whilst others ignore them completely. Some will decide

to write in the style they know well - and why not?
But until that challenge is issued, what have we got?
A membership that grows more impatient by the day.
So where are our Musketeers? Have they called it a day?

Doubtless our doughty band, the Fearless Four,
still seek a worthy baton holder, and explore
VN ranks for this auspicious honour. If a volunteer
comes forth? The Membership will give three hearty cheers!

Rhymer February 4th, 2013.
Not the greatest poem I've ever written but doubtless it does concern others of VN as well as myself, for the Doughty Three appear to be absent - off on an Impossible Misison? Just a little jesting on my part.

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