a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

I know, in her own way, she tried her best
To strive with stoic patience day by day,
Tho life turned out to be a weary test,
With fortune destined not to smile her way!
As parent of five offspring she excelled;
Their happiness an ever constant goal:
Her sad lot never made her feel compelled
To cease from, or neglect, a mother’s role!
When looking back one can but sing her praise,
While grieving poor health added to her woes;
A Blessing it can seem in many ways
That on such souls the door of Life must close!
May one I wed, for evermore, be blest:
I know, in her own way, she tried her best!
[R.D.K. 1973.]
[NB:This was composed in memory of my first wife, who deserved better than she got in life.]

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