a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK


In a spirit cleansed of bigotry
Think of the billions of individual minds;
Those who have been and gone
Those here today those yet to be:
Think of the myriad of personalities
Those bubbles of ego
Cast onto heaving tides of time
Those fragile spheres
Destined to merely bob and swirl
As dissipating flecks of mortal foam
In a proliferating mass of entities:
Think of those trapped within brief circumstance
Until – through wearing age or heartless war
Or mindless chance or famine or disease –
They succumb for evermore.

Think of the trillions of thwarted plans and countless fears
The great multitudes of shattered dreams
The uncountable number of unanswered prayers
Pouring down mountains of disillusion as endless streams
To form an ever growing ocean of tears:
Think of the vast tracts of betrayed trust
Mingling with the crushed remains of hope
Lying as it were amid the dust
Of some long forgotten monument
Or ancient fallen tree.

Think of those you've heard of
From the greatest to the least -
Those you've known and now know
Be they humankind or beast:
Think of the totality of conscious souls
Those who unknown by you have been and gone
Those here today - those yet to come -
And think of the miniscule part all play
In the scheme of life
With the deeds they do and the things they say;
And while you're thinking of the billions
Who long to be (from grief and pain) set free -
Think of yourself
And in a spirit cleansed of bigotry
Spare a thought for me.

[ R.D.K. Cat. No. G396.]
[Author’s Note: Just as did our predecessors, we now live in perilous times: What with natural disasters, financial crisis repercussions, rampant divorce, homelessness, religiously inspired violence and increasing numbers of poor people, to say nothing about corruption in sporting codes and government etc, etc. I believe it has always been the duty of Poets to draw attention to BOTH the good and the bad, in order to encourage us to keep our view of life and this world in a balanced perspective: Hence this poem. Best wishes to all. ROY.]

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