Thanksgiving unto the Lord

a poem by Phillip Joseph Hussey, UK

Thank you Oh Lord our God
May all praise come unto thee
For every life’s step I’ve ever trod
Yea even my two eyes that see
On this good earth everlasting
The flowers, the grass and trees
Thank you Lord for every thing
The constant sound of busy bees
The blue sky, the clouds and rain
Velvet skies with myriads of stars
For even the vast grassy plain
The planets, Jupiter and Mars
Lofty Mountains of the range
Throbbing life in the cities
Animals wonderful and strange
With peoples of all mankind
All the Ponds and water lilies
Everywhere flowers in kind
Water, food, wine and drinks
Sleeping at night and dreams
Clothes in red, blue and pinks
Urban life and foxes screams
The wonder of our bodies
Hosts sometimes to the flea
The gentle swell on the eddies
The crushing waves of the sea
Even our souls and minds
The sounds of a mother’s plea
For that love everyone finds
Thank you Father may all
Power, glory and dominion
Wisdom and splendour fall
Forever we bear the rendition
Unto the our Lord and God

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