Father God

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I look into your eyes and see unending grace
So bright the light shining down from your face
your hair flowing down like an abundant strem
In your presence I receive more than I could dream

You are not an angry,distant father but love me without end
at your feet we come and gather, with you time we long to spend
To give you the praise and adoration only you deserve
As we struggle in this life,a place in heaven youve prepared

Looking at your face, I bow in reverence and fear
Not because Im scared but that I am blessed to be near
As I look up, you stand arms oped wide
I see the nail marks in your hands, im humbled from my pride

The pain you endured on that cruel cross breaks my heart
but without your great sacrifice I would forever be apart
Thankyou for choosing me, making me a child of the King
Fresh revelation and understanding I pray you would bring

All heaven and earth sings for your glory
'Here I am' Lord, use me in your story
You have given me freedom and softened my heart
Faith overwhelming, a new creation yearning to play my part.

Walking with God
Hope and freedom

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