"Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing."RESPONSE TO HINA'S TITLE

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

God chose Nature, her surges’ length,
Landscapes, lakes, loam, waves, sand and snow
Then scenes and sounds he matched of strength
Silence of rivers that would flow

He arrayed reed banks, crackling pine
Diligently on latitudes
Whispered through these, such sounds divine
That we heard and sang gratitudes

Nature He used like good mothers
Teaching wisely, of God’s knowledge
His gift to us earthling brothers
Nature as textbook and college

Thus, Heaven in the Nature throngs
Where sights enthrall, yet silence worms
And alternates quiet with songs
A calm that soothes ‘fore angry storms

To learn from her His puzzling plan
More must we drink her silence deep
In only that river we can
Know love….’deed sing ..’No greater keep’.

But flagrant flouting the mean man
Not mindful to mine mountains steep
Whit caring of God’s genius plan
Upheaved, drained silent rivers deep

Silence silenced we cannot drink
Deep of that silence to find voice
Indeed sing!….Life hanging on brink
Yet, earthling brothers hail this choice

Note: Dear Hina…this knocked me ….
about like in a washing machine..i am shaken up as I can’t find words and flow and theme and thots gelling at….all.. but not to be a coward..i brashly took up the sword.(mostly falling off my horse..umpteen times) and thrashed about words and bravely shot a few stabs.(blunting my steel)….gee! this was hard....but the Sufi title is so, so sublime..congrats to you for an immensely great title.. but…… pity me. Love and regards.. Rita Singh..(Forgive the changes in tenses often)

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