Broken Trust

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

Finally we've got the chance to talk again
It's been awhile when we lost our communication
Not to make it up to you, just to make things clear
Between you and me before we have each other dissapear

It was nice to hear from you to ask for the truth
Even if you've judge me at the first place
I never had the chance of hating you from within
Co'z my heart don't agree of what my minds thinking

God's time really has its own time to heal
All those hatred that makes you weak each day
Co'z I have done something that broke your trust
That this very moment I can no longer have it back

I know the consequences of what I have done
For some reason I have to do it, need to be blind
I know you don't want to trust me anymore
about your life story, you do it very careful

One thing I could be proud of you today
You learn so much in life on your own way
I'm glad to be part of your journey as you grow
The way you think and the way you live so

I may not have your trust at all times
But I'm glad that you have given me a chance
To end up everything and make a brand new start
Buried everything and the scars from the past

In my heart you'll always be there
I will never change the way I care
For you always be a special to me
Thank God for me letting us stay

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