a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

The place where I've learn and grow
Where my teachers are my parents rule
Our room is our houses there
My classmates are my brothers and sisters

In every lesson we take up
we have different views and task
We learn to embrace the simplicity of life
take care of each other help a lot

so many years have gone by so fast
But what I've learn truly will last
Thank God for letting me experience
To be in school and learn from there teaching

Once I was been there
As I go back I honor my teachers
They are one of the people who's behind with me
That wherever I go in my heart you'll all stay

may God gives you strength each day
As you teach the new generation of youth today
That He may lead you all through this mission
That we may celebrate in all nations
You teachers is our best companions...

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