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Into a ambush the cavalry rode,
Ammunition reloaded sword held high,
Bugle resounding to a regiment's code,
As deadliest arrows invade the sky,
Surrounded by thousands bravery showed,
When soldiers dismounted to face the horde,
Historic Legend would thus be sowed,
Tho in defeat a glorious reward,
This distinctive battle renowned and bold,
Did General Custer seek fame and glory,
Or did fellowman show gratitude owed,
Feel sadness but proud, knowing the story,
How their comrades fought then finally strode,
Towards eternity, honour bestowed,

Note, George Armstrong Custer
Born December 5th 1839 Died June 25th 1876,
Buried West Point Cemetery ,
General George Armstrong Custer
Was defeated in battle at The Little Bighorn
By the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes,
General Custer led 700 men, of the 7TH Cavalry Regiment,
Chief Crazy Horse led the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes,

Author, Edwin Jepson , March 20th 2013,

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