a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

I never thought my feelings would go this way
That in my heart I'm gonna miss you so deeply
I was wanting to rebuild what we have before
But I have no Idea how could it be possible

Those crazy memories that makes me smile
Those places we used to be during our date
The love songs that we always sing along
It really remind how special you are to me

It was not my intentions of missing you
Its struck like lightning you will never knew
I was surprised all of the sudden you appear
In my mind I thought everything is a nightmare

Missing you badly is what I have
I'm not asking or aftering your love
All this memories you have for me
Makes me feel glad of my life today

I miss you of who you are when your with me
So please don't be mad if you learn I miss you this way
This is how I feel I want you know co'z we're both free
we're both happy we still have each other we're lucky

As God be our guiding path as we remain friends
About everything and what we have been
Missing you is my way that for you I'm still here
You're my little princess so please take good care

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