a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

The lamb of life and death
Offer by God's saving grace
His weaked link unsatisfied
All His creation we can survived

Protected by God
Since you're a child
Baptized by the Holy Spirit
Temptations you never commit

Apostle Judas betrayed you
Apostle Peter denied you 3 times
Apostle Thomas doubted your alive
Still you say, It is already been done

Scourging with thorns sign of a King
You never reacted or a stain of fear
persecuted and crumpled you on the ground
Asking you to kneel and bow down

In your journey to the cross
Your wounded heart cries
seeing your people make fun of you
Your faith in God helps you continue

When you are nailed with both hands
You shouted for help to God
If possible take the yoke of suffering from you
Because of your great love you entrust God's will

You lost your own life
So we can have eternal
saving us is your mission
Sending us back in heaven we belong

For the sake of the reason
You went into sorrowful passion
Without questioning God the Father
Let your will be done upon me, you said

Before you went to heaven with the Father
In a high mountain you appear
Told your disciples to preach the word of God
And baptizing us in the name of the Father
the Son and the Holy Spirit

Tell the vision to no man,
until the Son of man
be risen again from the dead....AMEN

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