a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

After the devastating cyclone shock
Rescue teams pushed through debris block by block

Chance of a survivor buried here or there
Injured hopes hanging in balance somewhere

A Dicey wall got drilled, two feet diameter
Through mangled irons, dust,concrete litter

The incharge thrust his arms to a body
No use, iron beam had cracked her shoddy

Time being of essence, no time wasting
She was lost, neck broken and spine caved in

He withdrew and beckoned his team, move on
Other lives to save, though, his heart dragged torn

Two blocks further he left his team, returned
A doubt, maybe, maybe, some warmth burned

Had he made a mistake, should check again
This time he felt below her, not in vain

Something warm moved, a bundle of a boy
Live, baby three months old, to his great joy

He gently unpried it and yelled out loud
His team rushed back to see him beaming proud

Oh! How they crowed and passed around the child
Laughter, amazement, chatter , commotion wild

Then one kindly man inspected the mother
Amazed she saved her child within smother

But then a mobile fell out her bosom
Playing the keypad they were struck awesome

"Know my dearest child that i have loved you"
Each man reading sobbed, i would have done too

Even as life ebbed , flickered a fragile wick
Through what pain she typed in the notepad quick

"If you have survived, I hope they find you.
Know my dearest child that i have loved you.

Note: This true story, happend in the Phillipines Cyclone..if not wrong... nearly 6 months was a news story posted on my Facebook. The actual words typed into her notepad of the moblile i believe ran thus...If you have survived..know i was you mother and that i have loved you.

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