= = = = = WEB OF DECEIT = = = = =

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

A mesh of dew, abound with light.
Shimmering frame but grizzly sight.
Stage is set, it's network spun.
Back-lit rays from morning sun.

Autumn's breeze... r e v e r b e r a t i o n.
Plucking strings of your creation.
Dew drops cling but dance in time.
Some change partners in the line.

Entrapment spun from silken wheel.
Pound for pound, as strong as steel.
Landlord patiently lies in wait.
Magnetic maze seals insects fate.

Dancing dew drops, now departed.
Eight-some reel and feast has started.
Pearls of dew sound silent drum.
Nature's tune, now webs been sprung.

William Willis

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