a poem by daniel chidie, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Slaving all to my want
a willful disarray
all day i long yet grieve
on each attain sobered to fate
why must i stick to slaving?
What fate holds my peace?
If to want no more"thus"
shall my peace keep abrace
oh! My heart disclaims regress
itchy to sanctify every eye envy
taking tolls on my pride
prancing to 'n fro the beauty
the hue
the scent
the sound
the pleasure
all of its impress
i slave bound by and by
seeking exit yet finding none
lest i fear a caged mind
from depth i scream to foster this thought
have thy mind in thy hearts
and thy heart in thy bosom
and thus not in thy pocket
cos Av been a slave to want....

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