Noah's Coffeehouse

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

Noah collected the animals
sipping his hot coffee
stirring in some marshmellows
worried about a water leak
below deck
but the elephants plugged up
the leak
with willing trunks
drunk on peanut butter
crunching on peanuts
a circus of elephants
aboard the spiritual boat
and Noah smiled
as the coffee cooled
and the animals got ready
for church
as St. Francis of Assisi
was summoned
now the pit bull dogs
played tug-o-war
and they talked about dry land
playing in the sand
and a few chameleons
changing color like rainbows
and the pit bull dogs
built a charcoal grill
and began serving
the hamburgers
all enjoyed a tasty meal
at Noah's coffeehouse

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