Pit Bulls on Neptune Zirconia

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

So the Pit Bull dogs
like heavy logs
bit their leather ropes
with rocket helmets
and spiked turbulent rain
a long night to battle
the Venus space cattle
up on the cosmos
sown on the cosmos
Venus Fly Traps
the soup of the day
in the itty bitty cafe
on the Moon
and the Pit Bull dogs
salivating their tears
rocket propulsion fears
hurried to fight a battle
of space giants
space critters
good & evil up in the air
the Agency sent them
because man could do nothing
man could not fight up there
and the Pit Bulls of Neptune
gave their all at Zirconia
fighting for eminent domain
of the water spikes
of the old aqua-ducts
that man implanted during the Millenium
and the Venus Fly Traps cried out
to just be soup
to just be soup
they eat good
at the cosmos
it is only time
when the dogs
will have to fly back home

Day Job
Changing Seasons of Rain
wet water

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