Day Job

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

a starving poet
works a day job
hoping of fortune and fame
a life so tame
hiding in moonlight jobs
wearing the clothes
of Bob Dylan
and bald head
of a famous actor
whistles the blues
a starving poet
a poverty artist
from Harvard & Yale
putting books on the shelf
at Ivy League colleges
a student all the time
at 40 years of age
never made it
just fell through the cracks
of poetry, music and the arts
flunked out of college again
and he works a day job
and goes to community college
picking at Cheetos and Fritos
with holes in blue jean knees
riding a bicycle
pretending to be an author
ha ha
ha ha his professor yells
but the poet fights back
with George Orwell
and Emily Dickinson
and probably some Leaves of Grass
Robert Frost begs
for his books to be read
and the poet struggles
at the day job

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