Caterpillar Crossing

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

The caterpillar took his chances
crossing the road
as big trucks sped by
some crunching the caterpillar bugs
only to find some crying
caterpillars dying
why do tough-guys
run over the bugs?
they have families too!
so the innocent and furry
creatures hurried by
afraid of the big tough-guys
in pick-up trucks
speeding over blood stained pavement
of caterpillars
and one bug held his baby's hands
"don't go over the road"
"stay away from the tough-guys"
"they run over us", the lady bug declared
and the small caterpillars stayed
across the road
and played marbles and
kept busy singing about God
not to ever cross the evil road
and the tough-guys just laugh
but they get the last laugh
nobody in Heaven likes them
and it is good to be
a meek bug
and follow the rules
on earth

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