American Jesus

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

I wanna be rich before I die
with a silver locket and gold in my pockets
have a Pit Bull named Rin Tin Tin
have muscles like Sylvester Stallone
Life is finger lickin good
Livin in a multicultural neighborhood
wanna sing and rap like Toby Mac
and eat with him a Big Mac
sing like Sly and the Family Stone
and rap like the O.C. Supertones
American Jesus American Jesus
He set me free because of Calvary
Red White Black & Blue
went to the tree for me and you
Now I am free in America
and the Founding Fathers
believe in the Living Water
American Jesus can set us free
Now maybe I'll go back to school
become a doctor or a lawyer
maybe write a book like Tom Sawyer
even get a Ph.D in ministry
Jesus has set me free
Time to love the American flag
and get into prosperity
and like Simon and Garfunkle
a Bridge over Troubled waters
Rid yourself of water bugs
throw away the cockroaches
drive a new car to church
get ready for a spiritual birth
American Jesus has landed here
you are not poor anymore
In Heaven you are a millionaire

Blue Frogs on Sunday
Changing Seasons of Rain
Pit Bulls on the Moon

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