Lessons Of Life

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Lessons Of Life,
oh, there are so many.

Trust, is only a word
if not used to the greatest
advantage to be joyfully shared,
it can be worthless as a
four headed goat, if used

Love, has endless forms like a maze.
Some ending in the wrong choices and
ending in a dead end. But all
experienced, some nurtured-- though,
all forms-- to numerous to count.

Hope, is the deepest set feeling
when your farthest from a set destination.

Goals, way to many or way to few, either
can be difficult to master with lack
of determination,as a goal
is just another four letter word
unless (successfully) reached and completed.

(Human and Hate), are comparable to a
mountainous volcano.... destroying,
with of humans with words like lava...all
in its path. Passion is that fever...
that inner fire to few realize
when the have it that without it
life is like an endless snow covered winter
to the heart if passion - like summer's beauty
never comes again.

Liking someone,
forming a relationship at any age,
it may have one of two outcomes--
or a combination of both---
It can be a hand full
of magic beans or
a clinched fist full of dirt,
or both.
The magic beans grow quickly
bringing riches but without the
solidness of the dirt to hold the
beans roots.... the magic beans are

Family, well-- a great family is
like a fresh summers garden of flowers ...
not every one gets to be the roses,
as some are the marigolds,
some are the lilies,
some are the dandelions....
and hopefully, the entire garden
is fertilized with love.
So that even fewer are the weeds.

The best parts of this life--
is all held within the words we
use or sew.
For the ones scattered upon others
like endless rain, in haste--
only bring tears,
but the positive ones
constructively and joyfully shared
are the most precious of all gifts given
from one human to another.

Linda Bates Terrell
Written © July 16, 2013

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