The Boy That Swallowed To Many Lies.

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

The boy that swallowed to man lies

He swirls within his own mind's sphere.
His values of life, far less than some.
He fights his fears, a hit and miss.
His eyes see only his own set torment.
He can't, not ever, believe what he hears.
His anger, twirls about in his own firmament
He swallowed years of way to many lies.
His voice, only he-- hears his sad cries
He must not rule, and yet, forced to improvise.
His lies-- to others, he'll now deceive.
He can and will not toss out to many truths.
His stories-- soaring, now to other youths.
He looks, he looks, yet, sees little pleasure.
His heart search, truth, and its treasure.
He yearns for true, to weigh by his own measures.
His lack of confidence, heaps, hidden deep.
He sees in all, now only what he believes.
His eyes echo, like a sieve, seeing only,
what each receives.

For when that boy, that swallowed too
many lies-- when he looks into others eyes,
it is not love, or love of live in his eyes
they see--just a clouded reflection,
of what in all others--- only he sees.
He resides in a hotel called--- 'His own world'
He cannot move out, no one can move in.
Yes, he, the only tenant, and he can't afford the rent
And-- the ones share the truth, are the only ones
he'll allow in. Lying, now, is to him a sin.
For after all, he is, the boy that swallowed
to many lies.

Linda Bates Terrell
Written © July 17, 2013

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