a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Through life, I too proclaim---my days.
None shall ever be again the same,
Lingering thoughts, far from my eyes
That road, behind flows... bold and, yet,
as I look back, I'm curious----- why?
Why was it a well worn beaten path
And not fresh mowed, of tender grass?

As I gander, far behind, in my thoughts,
it casts no shadows, or traveled knots.
That road, lingers behind me for miles.
That road, it just flows and flows.
Not a tree to cast its shadow upon me
Bits of sputtering sunshine lit my way.

But now-- I'm crying, road-- road, go, go.
Yet, it did not, it crept on and on, chasing me.
It spit an hissed at my feet, it screamed, "Go! Go!"
And though it did not sway, or curve left or right.
It's muddy dirt, in its foolish plight.
That road... beaten down to me, of my friends
Upon my heart each one had crept, and did descend

Linda Bates Terrell
Written © July 17, 2013

Hold A Friendship Key
My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012
The Shadows Of Love
Hold A Friendship Key
Poems collection of July 2013
The Shadows Of Love

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