She Was The Lady

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Short locks gray curled
ah, yes, flat to the sides
pulled up and gently fluffed
this, of her my memory serves
She was the lady, we all loved so

Her heart's smile, so glittery
sparkles her fondest thoughts
Love for family, her hearts desire
She was the lady, we all miss so

Her hands thin so hard working
her words tender and thoughtful
The days by her side, they flew
She was the lady, we still miss so

Her patience-- way to much
of any or all those undeserving
Her hard days motherly work
as most mothers, she become tough.
She was a lady, but she had to go

Her spirit, dazzles like sunshine
Gone, now where all spirits must go
At night, sometimes, I invision
as an angel far away, dressed of white ribbons
in a sparkling flowing gown that brightly glows
She was the lady, love like hers few'll know

Family, always her hearts desire
Glory in abundance-- she'd inspire
Another year passes without her grin
But she'll always be in our hearts
She was too my dearest friend
She was the lady, who loved us all so

At the pearly gates I can only
imagine her biggest smile, as she meets
those she lost, gone long before her
She was the lady, we all loved so

Linda Bates Terrell
Written © July 20, 2013

Today would have been my past mother in law's birthday.
She was a dear friend.

Floppity Hoppity
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Floppity Hoppity
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