To my husband

a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

Do you remember the love-letter
I wrote to you one day?
I was almost six year ago,
through good and bad days did we go.

It hurt so much,
when there was thunderstorm.
Nevertheless I am sure,
without I can live no more.

My heart beats hard,
it's longing for you,
when I can only hear your voice,
just with you I truly rejoice.

Even after four years I knew,
forever I wanted to stay with you.
We both recognized what love really is,
more then Valentine and a kiss.

When we make love,
there's so much passion.
You and I are a good team,
you're my light, in every dream.

We complement one another
and thus I need you so.
It's difficult to couch such feelings,
I can't tell better what it means.

note: I wrote this poem in 2007 and read it aloud on our wedding. In the German version I put all titles of poems I dedicated to him so far in it.

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