Amble Lane Park

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

There was a little park
known as amble city's park
And long about dark
came on the kids to play

It stood along the rail road tracks
Where fun, it never lacks
Its games of horse shoes flowed
As all the fun from it was bestowed

Ballgame announcers heard for miles
Upon every boy's face, it brought smiles
Ballgames, with lights rose high
And kids roamed, to laugh and cry
But no one missed the chance
to hurry to amble lane's park lane

Oh, and near the edge of the lane
There was so much fun to gain
There a giant metal vision stood
where no kid was misunderstood

A slide, about 20 feet tall
Its visitors, of smiles, but small
Not a child knew the fears-- they say
To slide upon that slide by night or day

Not heat or snow kept any kid away
It was the best place in town to play
On the maypole we swung round and round
till we flew off and hit the ground

Kids came from miles and miles around
never expecting to fall and hit the ground
For there in amble park lane
Parents bowed to that slide in humble fear
That their precious children dear
might land at its base.

But children, gathered like ants to its base
I recall that old metal huge stair case
Stares that looked as if they lead to heaven's gate

Step by step we'd climb for no reason or rhyme
Just to enjoy its joy. for it was, the ever best toy.

And when to the top we'd arrive
While at the bottom all kids upward spied
while so many gathered like in a bee hive

Kids swarming and cheering everyone
brave enough to reach the top to slide
Some closed eyed, behind hands to hide

But, to make sure all seen us-- we'd yell
In hopes to break the slide's evil spell

Some tumbled trimbled some cried
Some backed down to run and hide
Some ended up falling to the ground
Some gave horrid fearful sounds
But no one lacked the adrenaline's joy
that slide ever gave, as "Such A Toy".

Many a year, twas where we yelled
and cheered on all that came, No one
wanted to miss fun on amble park lane
its fear, its fun, or all it's games.

And most of all what braver came,
Though at times, an arm was often mended
a concession one or two, but it stood in place
to tread any child's bravest grace.

Twas a bit sad, yes, as time past
That tall slide, upon it we'd slid the last
As talk came, an grown ups began to protest
Of its fearful dreadrul childhood's tests
And soon that big huge slide was no more

A bit of our childhood went with it
when they tore it down, for everyone in town
knew amble street park held the biggest
slide all around.

And day by day year by year somehow
amble street park lost its facinating glow
Some say, not so, but fewer kids run
the grounds where that huge slide once stood

But it holds the memories of every kids
that down is hot or cold metal, ever slid
For it drew only the bravest of kids
to slide, or even run from it and hide.

For the thrill, each child peaked of adrenaline
As down, down, along it fierce descend
each child grew a little as they grinned
For some it was like their best friend

Ah the emories--- many have of that slide
and in our minds to this day-- each special
memory will reside.

Linda Bates Terrell
Written © July 24, 2013

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