A Grieving Goodbye.

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

In my dream I seen you, my love, my lover,
a shirt faded-- once bright alabaster and navy
Your denim jacket glowed of suns bright sparkles,
as within the white clouds you above me levied.

In my dream between the dark swirling
skies and suns bright glow a shining,
I looked for you-- my heart sad, still pining.

This dream of mine, of sorts some might fear,
but to me-- why, I'm not sure, it brought only a tear.
So, in tears, gandering upon your blue eyes,
smile ever so attractive, to you, I felt so near.

I reached out-- in an instant you vanished,
swoosh, gone.
What had I done, I feared as my tears flowed,
to reach out to you in my dream, when I so far from home.

It-- seemed all so simple, yet, so lonely
I was in that dream.
I was suddenly fearful, of skies turned dark,
not even one glistening spark.

In my dream alone, I knelt to pray.
I said my love, come back to me this day.
With your eyes so firm your lips dry and gaunt,
as in my heart, of me, I felt you haunt.

Loneliness crept upon me as I'd never knew before.
As I seen behind you a large glowing door.
I wept, fell to the floor as I heard a voice say, "NO MORE."
I turned back to you.
No, not one step could I make either foot move,
toward that door.

I slowly looked down, still, I prayed and prayed,
come to me again I begged.
But with each prayer I prayed, I felt you slowly fade,
as the sky grew darker the winds began to fiercely blow,
I felt a gruesome sadness--- within me flow

I looked around and began to walk away,
with each step forward I went--the sun came out,
a brighter day, and then I heard you shout.
"Go my love, my lover, you must seek me no more.
Tis only I, at heavens door."

I looked down and did not look back,
my tears ran upon my face, no smile to show my grace.
Each step I took further and further forward the
gray sky began to again part and flow.
A loving brightness came, all should know.

And when I awoke the sun within my heart shown bright,
again, no doubt---the past my love had led me from.
Now I, to be among the living-- my own kind.

His love still lies within me, a small piece of
my soul, buy my heart-- seeks a new life-- bright.
I shall miss you my love, my lover,
but through Heaven's doors I shall let you run,
till my morrows when my Lord comes.
Good bye my love.

Linda Bates Terrell
Written © July 26, 2013

Where The Eagles Won't Fly
My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012
Amble Lane Park

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