One decade

a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

How fast the time went by;
many experiences we gained
our relationship was formed by.
Faith become most important,
between us no secrets stand.

For such a long time we were together,
what seems now quite naturally.
I want to thank you, not in a letter,
in my life you are the key,
my fundament, essentially.

Thanks for each beautiful day,
thanks for the last ten years,
thank you in every way;
whether at home or in other spheres,
I'll remember all the laughs and tears.

Thanks for every challenge
we coped with as a team;
in keeping silent there's no balance,
after a quarrel light will gleam,
living without is just a dream.

Thanks for your encouragement!
Some people think my ideas are queer,
but with your support I'll reach the end.
Despite my obsessions you're still here,
even do the chores with good cheer.

I'm just thankful you are there,
in pairs life is worth living.
And still love is in the air
after such a long gathering.
I wish we'll never loose this feeling.

I hope, that our wish will be satisfied
and the birth of a little wonder
will make the daily grind bright.
It would make us even fonder,
there's no need to ponder.

Note: the German version was written in August 2011

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