a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK


Alternation, oddly, will not tease you,
When seeking for an opening that solves;
Besides, though may even seem to please you,
That’s not the way this riddle-poem evolves!
Understanding pattern (well provided)
As if were pearls of wisdom to embrace,
Takes one to be sure (from undecided)
Each one into a pre-created space:
Thumb and finger is all that is needed
(For heaviness is not an issue here):
Oh! How simple this is – if you’ve heeded
The seven clues, which make the answer clear!
Note well: This riddle urges no rash guess,
From those accustomed to neat modes of dress.
NB: as usual, ROY’s Riddle Poem is a cryptic verse about someone or something: the previous three MRRC poems have been very obscure, so this time ROY has contributed a much easier riddle to solve. Please note the rules, as outlined by Sir William (Athos) Willis. A good few correct answers are expected this time around. Enjoy this Musketeer [MRRC#11] FUN competition.

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