Is it Goodbye by Destine Bagshaw

a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

Looking out the window
It seems sunny outside
Feeling through my heart
And crying tears inside
Tears falling from my eyes
Can't believe the last time we were together
That would be my long goodbye
I still don't understand
Some of your reasons why

Ours is a love story
That should never end
Even if I did something wrong
I've got the tools
For your heart to mend

Ok what I said to you
Wasn't the right thing to say at the time
I just didn't realise how I'd hurt you
Don't understand the reasons why
They say some you win some you lose
But I'm not ready for the conclusion yet
Just because of a stupid remark I made
That is my biggest regret


A symphony of slow songs
Is playing in my heart
Every time I think of you
And what's driven us apart
Everytime I see your picture
I have to wipe my tears away
But live in the hope we'll reconnect
Sometime, someplace, somewhere


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