Oh, The Thought Of Winter!

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Winter, it is the summers bitter rind
It's the chills that set bears to snore
It spits out its ice crystals to mankind
It postpones suns rays, killing all spore

Oh I hate to think of the cold tomorrows
When winter's chill so gallantly arrives
And on the wet branches sit the sparrows
And the wind destroys summer's be hives

My thoughts of snow, and the dismay
It's chills thus a beast, lowly define
Go cold days-- please bonjour, go way
Ah, dreams of warm cozy nights divine

Linda Bates Terrell
Written © August 19, 2013

Just A Hunt'n Them Big Night Crawlers
My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012
The Heart's Soul
(2) The Meaning Of Words Are Sometimes Just Learned Assumptions
August through December 2013
The Heart's Soul

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