The guest

a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

Barbecue for dinner, the guest arrives in time,
later watching a film, the bed is just fine.
Getting up early, the guest won't sleep long,
enjoying rich breakfast, we need to be strong.
The weather is sunny, it's really getting hot,
so we go swimming, costs money a lot.
Swimming makes hungry and midday is past,
our walk through the city isn't that vast.
Playing games till the ev'ning, then the guest is so tired,
but now we are exhausted too, after we've been much required.
The next day starts easy - I have to disclaim!
We start the morning with playing a game.
Just along the way doing all the chores.
Visiting the small zoo, quite boring it was.
Going to the swimming pool the guest would have preferred,
not thinking about the fact, that soon she must be transferred.
The weekend's almost over, it's time to say goodbye,
for her it was exciting, but no need to cry.
For us it was exciting too, having a child in a day,
but as uncle and aunt it's also nice, giving the child away.

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