a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

She's like the bugs on your bed,
A louse lusting after hairs,
Detachment she detest.
She's nothing but the other woman.
An angel of falsehood,
On a mission to wreak havoc in homes.
Presenting you with bouquets of insecurity.

Her erotic passion for your man
Makes him savage you with cruelty,
Totally demoralising your morale.
She puts him under lock and key,
So he adores her like a demigod.
He becomes a faithful servant,
Shouldering all her responsibilities.

He crawls to you hypnotised,
Doing stuffs he's never done,
Drowning you in a low self esteem,
Creating a rag out of you,
Thus, your pride is intensely injured.
Your mind races for a solution,
A divine work you think is best,
So your hell bent on giving in.

He soon realises she's been a devil on the pulpit,
He hurried back for plea,
You forgive without reservation,
Locked in an embrace of love and warmth,
With smiles filling your goblets.
At last, its a paradise regained.
Floating on a cloud nine, you say to thy self:

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