a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

There goes my friend,
Who winds round my heart like a thread.
With smiles so beautiful to rule,
Bounding both hearts without a glue.
Though I own no clock to prowl,
Nor a cock to crow,
The whispers of thy breath, serves a wake up call.
But in thy absence, the day shines so dull.
If only nature would permit,
That I humbly remit,
The flowers I would redden like thy lips,
As they blossom so pretty like thy hips.
And if the rains yearn to be flavoursome,
The sweats from thy back has won.
If the stars desire a colour,
Your best the skies would honour.
If thou were a boy, Mandarin I will call,
But a girl that you are, Tangerine my lips fall.
Pretty please play forever in my head,
Cause for your sake, men define a friend.

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