a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

I still believe in you O Lord
About everything in this world
Spare me not of the things to come
I know that you won't leave me alone

On that way I know you're teaching me
Teaching me to deal what's the reality
If I needed to be hurt inside deeply
I'm trusting you all the pain wholeheartedly

For you, who always comfort me
During my desperate moment I'd never see
Only you my God I dare to run for help
My faith in you remain, in my heart I kept

I have been into a long journey
That would be enough for me already
I want to thank you for protecting me
This world that full of thorns you lead the way

I keep my faith wherever I may be
Even if circumstances would disagree
Your boundless love, care and support
Be with me still as I do all the efforts

You've done so much things for us all
You never give up, you don't want us to fall
When I'm weak all the things you did I recall
It makes me strong co'z I have you in my life above all

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