Rain on the Huskies

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

sled dogs so tender
with salivating tongues
perspiring heavily
running wild
in cold November rain
but foot pads warm
grasping onto warm earth
not letting go of the future
rain on the Huskies
sled dogs, northern dogs
like German Shepherds
of the north pole
smiling dogs
canine grins
your heart to win
sled dogs so tender
putting their paws
on your chest
begging for a kiss
that is Heaven's bliss
and I love the Huskies
the way they drink the water
like it is hot chocolate
everything is about the winter
and it is November soon
and stirring tea with
a sugar spoon
grasping onto warm earth
rain on the Huskies
sled dogs of the north

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