Coffee House People

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

coffee house people
poets of today
wearing tattoos
and piercings
yelling the names of poets
like a freak show
and the coffee is so good
the coffee is so good
like a rock and roll concert
the lights move around
once you get the coffee
everyone takes a chance
at the poet microphone
like they are in college
wearing elbow patches on
broken sweaters
and those from rummage sales
like old ship sails
women wearing green sneakers
asking for a resurrecton
of their personality
dressed in Bob Dylan hats
with pink feathers
screaming the name
of Talking Heads
and Emile Dickinson
with Robert Frost
as a sideshow of poetic chant
and the coffee is so good
a delicacy for the soul
coffee house people
taking caffeine liquid
moving like squids
slow motion
poetic lotion
dressed in Boy George pants

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