a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

I see you creeping towards me,
Looking so vibrant with your honey coloured skin.
A cold smile you bring,
A bold frown I give.

I detest your presence,
For it makes no sense.
A creature of darkness you are,
Brown and bloody at that.

You bear no strand of admiration,
Is it your thread like eyes,
That could easily be cut short with a scissors,
Or better still your crooked legs,
That pricks my skin like a bent needle.

Your presence feels like a death sentence,
Making me outta of character so tensed.
All I can cuddle for comfort is my broom,
So as to wipe life outta you so soon.
But you pull silly stunts with your paper like wings,
Giving a sudden flight of confusion,hovering over my head.
Making me know not where to strike.
Happy you to always get the upper hand,
Leaving me with a pang of defeat to embrace.

Big thanks to the tiniest but wisest,
I mean the soldier ants.
Who make a sumptuous meal off your remains.
Just like you looth from me,
They tooth on you.

O Silly..! I can't afford the drama anymore,
If this is how you love,
Then I urge you to express it from a distance,
For I have had enough of your nuisance.
Go to beings who would embrace thee at an instance.

Sure you've had your fill of my clothes,books and food,
Which over payed my dues really good.
So disappear like a smoke in the wind,
I gone you silly mess of a COCKROACH,
Before I beckon on MR INSECTICIDE for an approach.

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