a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

This day all clocks went wrong,
A new dawn sprung me up from sleep,
Heavily eyed,I beckoned on my window,
So as to cheer the moon.
But it turned its back with a bright frown,
Drowning in a state of terrible gloom and doom.

Suddenly,a thought struck me like a thunderbolt,
I'm supposed to be tieing the knots today,
With my lady of inestimable value...I said..
I embraced my phone to know how well she's prepared,
My eyes almost popped off its sockets
When I learnt she's had poxes dancing all over her face.
Then it dawned on me that the minute has lost its seconds right there.
Indeed the clocks have fallen outta character again.
Only to note that he's gone blind.

Sure I wouldn't miss my day for nobody..I cried,
I had a shower of tears,
And got dressed,ready for my bride..I thought.
With graceful hopes that she's gonna dress up to the nines,
But her gown became head strong on fitting in,
Obviously she's grown from a size ten to a twelve,
Her zip wouldn't let go,so a part got torn.
Leaving her in the hands of a mediocre veil for support.
I wondered why the seconds seized to be stupid this minute.

Crawling in with a frown to meet my bride,
Arghhh...! I swore under my breathe
Her makeover was like that of a masquerade chasing shadows.
For a second,I wondered if it was to the altar,
or to the slaughter.
I swallowed a spoonful of grief,
And headed for the church..
The only thought I nursed was to figure out ways to murder the clocks.

The church smelt beauty,but my nostrils sniffed cruelty.
My best man smiled in a befuddled state,
Giving me a gormless grin,
But curiosity wouldn't just let me be.
God goodness...!he's misplaced the rings in his custody.
We searched cats and dogs,
Only to see them lounging at his breast pockets.
Indeed the clocks have wronged me the umpteenth time..!

The caterer walked in,
Carrying a wedding cake dressed in black,
Obviously it was mine to cuddle,
No need for anger to play,
The colour says it all.
The clocks sure did loose footing on my day,
Leaving no room for consideration.

Then the priest inquires for an objection concerning the knot,
Off the blues,sprung my ex-lover..!
Swimming down the aisle.
For a second,I thought my chicken had come home to roost.
But surprisingly,she gave a dog-walk pass,
And threw a stern charming look to my eyes.
Apparently she headed for the seemed..!
I embraced the deepest breath ever,
Like one who's been saved by salvation.
The clocks didn't slip off mood this time,
For once the minute stood upright.
No doubt still,it was indeed a black wedding.
I should have listened when the moon frowned.

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