a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

In the praise of thy supremacy,
Beings striving at utmost to perfect thy legacy,
But Alas..! Boiling down to hypocrisy.
Many had it going just once,
But few in the list doubled up.
All in a bid to praise thy maker,
In destitute states,hungry taker,
Possessing closely tighted fist.

All in the bid to lead,
With motives filled with greed,
Making thy congregations reeds.
Contracting ideas,hovering all around,
Accompanied with confusion on ground.
Ignorant of the right way to go,
Though despising going very low,
But with lust wanting to blow.

Aside clutching their gods,
Nothing done in secret,
But with contempt,presenting offerings.
Not even a face to those suffering,
As regards the present teaching.
But with great zeal,competing with gloat,
Treating one another with loathe,
Bringing forth possessions of loot.

The lasses and the lads,
Tussling very hard,
In order to meet with the trend,
Mothers aiding theirs to blend,
Few without aid,opting to rent.
For one might be singled as the best.

Amiss all are the mothers,
Putting out turning tables,
Instead of being supposed helpers,
Never for once failed to be par takers,
In the gathering of highly crowned liars,
Cooking up tales in order to go higher.

O Lord...! Are all these done in thy name..!
For supposed fame...!
I suppose not.
For this is the highest stupidity,
Coupled with the greatest cupidity.
All this in a bid to rest in thy utopia,
Minding not the traces of thy dystopia,
And shoving the thoughts with enormous phobia.

O Lord...make haste to help us..!

NOTE-this poem tells us about the shady dealings of the church heads and their flocks...how much they have disregarded the name of the lord JESUS...!

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