Kevin Rottweiler Christian Rapper

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

I'm a snapper
I'm a rapper
I eat candy
with the wrapper
I love Jesus Christ
He gave me new life
And now Im in the studio
Gonna make my life go go go
Stay away from no no no
I'm like a monk
but my heart was never sunk
pray face down on the floor
look at me and
I'll give you more
Don't get in my face
Or I will start to pray
My gun is the Son
The Jesus God
Who plays for keeps
remove your life so shod
Never give up on him
He will sing you a hymn
better go to church
get a spiritual birth
don't get drawn into sin
because its the opposite
of win
but on any day
you can start a new way
get cleansed by Christ
and you will have a new life
I have albums and fame
Look me up on the Internet
Kevin Rottweiler
a poet without shame
Jesus Christ
depend on His name
I got books
And I am no crook
see Barnes & Noble
It sure is no fable
and then check out
the Sweet Creme Puff Prophets
On Reverbnation
we sing like rockets
pretty good for a Christan rapper
eat the candy
with the wrapper
and we are into sweet clean fun
no body ever got arrested
for eating candy bars
and our hearts are tested
by God

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