a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

She’ll whiz past in her yellow car and give a cheerful wave,
The centre of attraction is a role she does not fear,
She knows of woe, it doesn’t show; Oh no, she’s far too brave;
It’s not until she’s on her own, she ever sheds a tear:
A stoic soul who plays her role just like a movie star,
In dress she’s cool; she’s no one’s fool; that’s never been her way;
As if no strife in this grim life outruns her speeding car,
With cheeky grin, your heart she’d win if you should pass her way!
Woes overcome, seem hard to some; as do the ways to cope,
Methinks a National Leader met her –then coined “YES WE CAN!”
With fond Mama upholding (never scolding) urging hope,
Wherever you are in this world, please pray for ‘Dear Diane’!
Composed with love for a daughter of a VN friend who is very dear to me and Sir Richard Aramis – in the hope this will give them cause to smile.

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