Why Worry

a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

confined in a small community called world! He took a tour, a journay deep into the mind of men. Nothing is new!
Hovering around the mind of men
He exclaimed, that true lamentation of his mind.
Nothing is new!
The crave for the fanciful and beautiful things of the world.
He said this also has been since the origin of man.
That old old quest for fame, wealth and power; this he also lamented.
The original source of pain and sorrow.
Many they have, I little have. Yet I share my little store. Smelling inside of him, he lamented again.
That true and faithful lamentation of his mind. Little is much!
Pleased by his discovery
He said all that pleases is for a moment and all that troubles is for a moment. Why worry was his final words.

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