Scruffy the Elephant

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

from the circus he became homeless
eating from dumpsters and any
peanut shells he could find
most handouts were from other homeless animals
even the squirrels offered a nut or two
and the large beast
a creature of all creatures
power in his bones
power in his tail
and a home he wanted
so he set sail
now without rent
he set up his tent
like Moses in the
city wilderness
crying out to God
and the Basset Hound
made the trumpet sound
and people had empathy
they had sincerity
bringing the animal
day old donuts
day old pizza
someone bought him a Bic Mac
and Scruffy was so happy
with full belly and hope
he wanted to be like Moses
and get the homeless animals
and the homeless people
to an eternal "promised land"
but he was not sure where
just a place of good and happy
so Scruffy put a sign on his trunk
asking for donations
and they gave
and they gave
and he got enough for a little
fenced in area
where the animals could come
for a drink of sweet tea
or a donut or a hamburger
and with bellies empty
they came in herds
other elephants
thrown out of the circus
others from the branches of trees
and anything sailing on the sea
and Scruffy became a legend
in the city of Nowhere to Turn
and the people loved him
but Scruffy fell down
with a bad hip socket
and the veterinarian was called
the sweet creature did not make it
and they buried him
next to his fenced in area
with all the smiling animals
with full bellies
and many donations
Scruffy found peace
finally in a city
called Nowhere to Turn

Changing Seasons of Rain
Changing Seasons of Rain
Kevin Rottweiler Christian Rapper

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