a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

As I suckled from the two gadgets her chest bore,
My fragile bones sprung with strength.
Your tender arms my soul embrace to death.
For in your arms O Precious..!
No harm dares.

You who's eyes burnt deeper than the sun,
So bright that the stars green with envy.
You furnish my skin,
With an ointment that smells like the heavens.
My excrete,
Your best fragrance.
Even when your bones quiver,
You elevate me with elegance.

You who's breath alone waves the seas.
And your golden tears,
Fertiles the earth.
For you,
A basket would retain water.
At the gathering of the stars,
Their brightness in totality is darkness compared to thee.
For you,
I wouldn't hesitate to re-shuffle the rainbows.

You who suckled mucus with zeal from my nostrils,
So that I can breath fresh in ease.
Your back,
My best cradle.
You would rock me with the sweetest lullabys,
That even the devil would succumb to slumber.

What a being of inestimable value,
The first word my lips sprung forth,
None other than you MAMA.

Dedicated to my lovely mother Mrs Eunice Ukaonu...I Love you Mum.

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