The day all clocks went wrong

a poem by Michelle Klemm, Germany - poetry writer, author, poet

Don't you hear her knocking?
I'm hiding in my room.

She enters the house and
walks up the stairs to you.

Why are you lying in bed?
It's already afternoon.

I'm just resting – you say –
I'm really tired you know.
The girl was here just
a minute ago.

You ignored me this morn
as I was asking you:

Don't you get up today?
The judge is waiting for us.

She'll take me away, but I
want this to be my home.

It could have been the end
of being a foster child.

So long have I been waiting
for this day to come.

maybe it was far too long,
thus all the clocks went wrong.

*inspired by the novel "The language of flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

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