Yes, Her Heart Belonged To Daddy

a poem by Richard Gildea, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

When measured up against the man she’d known
In truth, no beau could ever hope to suit
A fact of life which left her to bemoan
As seeds were sown, yet none of them took root
Perhaps her search was one a tad unfair
In seeking out what’s very rarely found
A loving heart; tho’ none couldst hope compare
To that which nurtured life, kept safe and sound;
Deliberation of a sort ensued
Resulting in some questions asked by one
Of Mater who presided o’er her brood
Far easier ‘tis said, than sometimes done
“What is a girl to do, when faced with choice?”
---“Avoid all those who share His Masters Voice"

Aramis /|\

Note: (Final line could be sage advice from Mothers everywhere):)

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