Changing Seasons of Rain

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

the chimneys are built of brick
speaking to the community
of little creatures
especially sparrows
that bathe in the fountain
and now the seasons change
with cold rain...
God's hand keeps still
as Mother Nature runs wild
ice pellets gravitate downward
in a shiny pattern of ice
and its not even December yet
as families prepare for Thanksgiving
with the smell of turkey and gravy
and the hot stuffing
so elegant served with rolls
and the changing seasons of rain
so exciting as we camp indoors
watching football and ice hockey
in midwest America and Canada
and you have to be grateful for
what you have
many are suffering out there
so pray for them
just pray for them
without families or jobs
but they get back on track
yes they do
so pray for them
and the rain just keeps coming down
as Mother Nature runs wild
we go from childhood to adulthood
in a blink of an eye
and the smell of turkey and gravy
makes us think of the olden days
of grandmother and grandfather
and we hold onto dreams
big ones and little ones
in the changing seasons of rain
and the ones we shall see
again in Heaven
I'm not afraid of the rain!

Changing Seasons of Rain
Scruffy the Elephant

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