a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

O Nigeria,
Imagine your national cake not sour,
And your peoples pride not torn,
Would your leaders ever scorn...
Would our hearts ever mourn...

O Nigeria,
Imagine your flag not drenched,
Would your poeple go wretch...
Or better still your green not fade,
And your white not stained,
Would your reps go sane...
What more if your stallions are fed,
Wouldn't you be head....

O Nigeria,
Imagine your anthem....your guard,
Would your branches go off guard....
What more if you feed us well,
Would we give your enemies a chance to sell....

O Nigeria,
Imagine your motto,
UNITY soaked in purity,
FAITH never late,
PEACE not teased,
And your PROGRESS not less,
Wouldn't it be best...

O Nigeria Imagine.....!

Happy independence day Nigeria...This is just a food for thought for we Nigerian citizens,be it head or tail,cause we are all guilty...Don't be quick to point a finger,it begins with YOU. MAKE A CHANGE MY DEAR CITIZENS... HAPPY 53RD BIRTHDAY NIGERIA, Breath peace and LOVE always... Thanks and God bless......!

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