Doghouse Once More.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Doghouse once More. ©Mark Ainslie 2013

In the doghouse once more,
Just how I got here, not quite sure.
It might have been something I may have said,
can't figure it out inside my head.

I thought a good night out, had taken place,
'till I came downstairs and seen that face.
I have seen that look more than once before,
I guess silent treatment, now for sure.

Just wish I knew just what I had done,
To end up being frowned upon.
I could ask for answers to the reason why,
But it may be wiser, just to let it lie.

The Demon drink has played its part as well,
By removing every single memory cell.
I only wish I could recall,
Maybe it wasn't my fault at all.

The silent treatment will be hard to endure,
Especially when I don't know what it's for.
Not even sure, next time we speak,
It could be days , or maybe a week.

The doghouse is a lonely place to be,
But I'll get out again, wait and see.
I'll try to make this my last spell,
But I guess only time alone will tell.

©Mark Ainslie 2013

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