a poem by UKAONU DORIS OBIANUJU, Nigeria

Life is man,
Man is life.
What's life without ups but downs,
Or rather without downs but ups
Wouldn't it be mundane...extremely boring..

Like a man,
Life has choices,
Right to changes in taste and preferences.

Life desires to explore the earth,
In its bid to explore,
Life could either test or mess the life of a man.

Life like man,
Is also not straight forward
This explains why some babies...
Crawl to walk,
While some crawl to limp.
Whereas, on a norm all being should work.
This is life exploring,
To see how it feels in a diverse form.

What more of a couple,
Loosing its first birth,
After chronic years of barreness,
Incogrous to man... Hilarious to life.
So life smiles...!

Same explains why some are born fat,
And some are been compared to a broom stick...

Why on earth would scholars sit together to gain knowledge,
And only one stands alone at the top...

Isn't it bizzare that life gives a wealthy man away to death,
Paving way for scavengers to enjoy all his toils...

In its bid to experiment,
Life makes all men EQUAL but UNEQUAL,
This explains the RICH and POOR,
On the flip side, the reverse could be the case...
Yet we wonder why...!

Like man,
Life itself cannot adapt easily to LIFE,
So it maneovers its way through...

If not, why would life make me live for a hundred years,
And you, a thousand years...
PARTIALITY... You scream...!
But it explains the choices of life,
So also the nature of man,
So who influences who... I ask...!

What more of life,
Making one man's poison,
A sumptuous meal for another...!
You see a man smiling at a fish
And another to a snake...

Stupidity you say...
When life gives a mad man access to facts,
And make the sane wallow in ignorance..,

Life could even make you love,
And not be loved in return... Yet you groan...!

Hmmmm... So it is with life,
Just like we act movies inside of life,
We know not that life itself is a director,
Manipulating us into different movie titles...
This explains why men say... Life is a movie...!

Maybe if man learns to be staight to an extent,
Life might be fair enough to adjust
Impossible... I say,
Like you tolerate your fellow man
Embrace life as it comes,
Better still... Relax and enjoy the movie it presents,
Laugh while you can,
Frown... If the need be
No harm in weeping,
But always be ready to play a role... When life calls thee.

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